The Alzheimer’s disease drug development landscape

Hosted by: Julius Clinical. Speakers: Pieter van Bokhoven | CSO| IAO Amsterdam Neuroscience AUMC Jort Vijverberg | Neurologist | Amsterdam Neuroscience AUMC Topics that are discussed during this webinar: All major trends in Alzh...

Speakers: Dr. Jort Vijverberg

Innovative Endpoints in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials

Together with our partner Brain Research Center, we presented the webinar:  Innovative Endpoints in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical trials. During this webinar, two experts in the field, Dr. Niels Prins and Dr. Jort Vijverberg discussed the ...

Speakers: Dr. Jort Vijverberg

Key success criteria for hearing (pre)clinical trials

Joined webinar between our besproke CRO for hearing loss, ENT Clinical and our partner CILcare. During the webinar “Key success criteria for hearing (pre)clinical trials” Prof. Anne Schilder  and Dr. Wahid Awad discussed: Preclinical...

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  • CNS Diseases, Cardio-Metabolic Diseases, Infectious Diseases & Vaccines, ALS, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, Hearing Loss, RSV, Vaccines, NASH, Real-World Evidence

A new area of outsourcing: Improve efficiency and streamline trail solutions with a personalized approach to clinical trial solution

Personalization is the new king of global outsourcing. Patients are crying out for more flexible, more diverse and less burdensome trial designs, while the ever larger CROs become less versatile with every merger. It’s no surprise that pharma is...


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